Friday, May 28, 2010

MacHalf-Life 2

Welp, Half Life 2 has finally made its way to the Mac, and the Orange Box is on sale (if you sell out to Steam) for $21. It runs very well on my MacBook (late 09) but, well, makes me as sick as a dog. Who gets seasick. Who we should imagine on a transatlantic cruise. Not good.

There's some POV hack dealio that I should try, and maybe if I use an external monitor it'll be better, but so far so bad. Interesting to see that there's a Slashdot article on the motion sickness and HL2.

The game isn't much yet. Very Orwellian with little imagination so far. I'm not real hip on having gotten the "Subservient" achievement. Even after taking the can back out of the trash can and tossing it into the guard's chest (and running around Benny Hill style afterwards), it won't go away. /sigh

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