Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Madden 2007: More Mexico City Cougars

Okay, I'm far enough in that I believe the Cougar selection wasn't planned. That is, the game just randomly rolled up a new mascot and color scheme and moved Houston. The players have grey uniforms, and the stadium is not the one where the NFL has played exhibition games in Mexico, afaict. I *think* that one was open-air.

Regardless, here are some shots of the game in action. A neat "feature," but not nearly as well thought-out as I'd hoped. If they'd really fleshed out the Mexico City team with the gen-u-wine stadium, less than clip-art-esque mascot, unembarrasing colors, etc, then I'd have had to give them some sort of award. We're not so lucky.

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Bigelow said...

You'd think that the logos that they create for the expansion or relocation teams would look a little less......clip-arty.