Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Madden 2007: Mexico City Cougars?

I just won my second Superbowl in Madden 2007's franchise mode, and during the offseason the Houston Texans relocated to Mexico City and became the Cougars! I've got some screengrabs I'll put up of the offseason move in a bit. Looking forward to playing a game with the team to see what the stadium and uniforms (the mascot is a light purple cougar head; not real NFL-ish) look like.

Strangely I don't get anything coming up when I Google 'madden "mexico city cougars"', so perhaps this even borders on news.

Still, I gotta believe somebody's played two franchise seasons and seen it happen. What the heck? Perhaps I'm Googling poorly?

Okay, Matt, okay, I've forced the WinPC box back online, and here are the NEWS BREAKING SHOTS!!!

Update: I did find mention of the Mexico City Piranhas in Madden 2k5 at, which it sounds like the game initiated.

The NFL is rumored to be considering putting a team there, though now relocating one back into L.A. is the more popular rumor.


jvm said...

Load 'em up. Let's see 'em.

Bigelow said...

I see you're listening to the Sam Spence songs. I turned off all other songs except for the NFL films ones by Sam Spence, they're probably the best addition to the franchise in a long time, in my opinion. Good luck kickin Cougar ass.