Saturday, December 02, 2006

Resident Evil DS

Two points to remember later:
  1. Valve wheel in guard house is terrible. My inclination was to use the stylus to touch the wheel and turn it. After dying twice, I read the FAQs and got nothing until I saw one that said something like "grab the outer edge of the wheel". So I touched the stylus outside the circumference of the wheel and the wheel moved. Problem solved. Awful, awful, awful design.
  2. Despite that miscue, the reason a port of a PSOne game to the DS works for me is that they actually used the new hardware to make the game better. Not just the gimmicks, like the knife fights and the interaction with puzzles via the stylus. The game loads much faster (yay cartridge!) and they didn't force you to watch the door animations (I'm now skipping them out of habit) and the map on the second screen has been terribly helpful.

    The real problem is that they didn't go far enough. The inventory screen should be drag-and-drop, but isn't. I should be able to tap the screen to pick up items that are visible (and sparkling to catch the eye). I would even argue that, after you've explored rooms, you should be able to tap out a path of rooms on the map (which would mean moving it temporarily to the bottom screen) and have the game zip me to my destination. If the game wants to give me a random zombie knife fight encounter along the way, that's fine by me. Just cut out some of the time necessary to get from one side of the mansion to the other.
Overall, I'm loving this game. Both this and Elite Beat Agents are sucking up my free time.

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