Tuesday, August 08, 2006

GTA3 (PS2): I'm supposed to be seeing this?

I played some GTA3 again today as a break. Just a few minutes -- I'm short only The Exchange in the plot side of the game, and if I ever finish it, I'll call it done. Now that I've stopped trying to drive all the way through the mission, I believe I may have better luck.

One piece of bad news for me was how fast the game seemed to move. That is, the framerate is a heck of a lot better and smoother than it is on my Radeon X200 integrated graphics box playing GTA:SA. Sure, there are some differences, like I've got models with quite a bit more polys in SA and the cars don't disappear on the horizon nearly as quickly, but it's no wonder I'm having such a time in some missions. Scratch that -- less during missions that simply when I'm driving around or trying to dance. Things really are slideshowing on the WinPC for me.

Oh well. PC Gamer Magazine had a review for what essentially is a single-slot NVidia SLI card for just $600. What a deal! Would only double the amount of dough I've sunk into the rig.

It was nice to remember who Catalina is on GTA3. A neat little continuation there from SA into GTA3. Ha, CJ's missin' nuttin'.

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