Friday, July 28, 2006

NCAA07 (PS2): Flies in the ointment

1.) Is there any reason the home scoreboard operator wants to show my play selection on the big screen to tens of thousands, including the opposing team, throughout the game?
2.) I'm a little tired of the game starting up and showing the same university's mascot (not my team's) for a split second before swapping to my team's.
3.) Along the same lines, and much like Matt's, "They must have thought it was good enough," comment about TR:L (PSP), I usually see the players magically beam out every extra point. That is, the game shows me the players lining up to kick, but they're the normal offensive guys. Then *WHAM*, they all are magically replaced by the kick team in front of my eyes.

I can see these things, EA Sports. It looks sorry.

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