Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Resident Evil 4 - Beginning

I just spent my first 30 minutes with Resident Evil 4. Points of interest:

- View from the bushes as the policia dude took a leak, standard horror movie
- Funny line: "He's not a zombie"
- Not so funny line: "Equal opportunity around here.", said of woman pinned to wall with pitchfork through her face
- Totally obvious mines planted between some trees. When I saw them I wondered "can I use them to blow an enemy up?" Answer is yes.
- Freed a wolf/dog from trap, he ran away.
- Girl on radio is Ingrid Hannigan.
- Girl I'm looking for is President's daughter, named Ashley.
- Bullets all over the place.
- Crates? Why?!
- Why do I have to break crates open? Stupid.
- Manual says I can move back and forth in menu with R1/L1, but doesn't work for me?
- Devil May Cry transitions during hard loads
- I hate gun aiming already, will obviously get better with practice
- Are there a finite number of villagers? I died trying to down them all.
- Dissolving bodies? Really?

Got to save once. Will try again later to take on the village.

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Anonymous said...

I just restarted playing this game on the cube in progressive scan. I've already got a save that I think is near the end of the game, but I got cheated when something blew up far away from me, but I died like I was in it. Turned me off to playing the game any more, because the nearest save point was a half hour back, and it was like my fifth attempt. I plan on eventually going back to that save and finishing, but for some reason I wanted to play through the first of the game again.

The game is very difficult, but it's so much fun that I just don't mind. Aiming takes some getting used to, but with other guns it gets better.

I really wish I could strafe, or even move while aiming, but you can't; this game requires a different technique - standing your ground.

You have to pick a place to stand your ground, pick your shots very carefully, and use the right weapon for the right situation.

When I first came to the village, I thought the game would be impossible, but really it's just a training ground for what you can do. In a while, you'll be looking at those villagers as easy prey, and deciding on how you want to kill them. I spent a few minutes last night lining up two in a row so I could get them both with one shot.

There are a finite number of villagers, and once you kill them they stay dead, even if you leave an area and come back to it ( though when you return to a place in a later level, they will repopulate it with more enemies ).

You can always go back and save again, even in the middle of a fight while being chased by angry villagers with pitchforks.