Thursday, March 09, 2006

Prince of Persia: Revelations - The Beginning

The story appears to be that the Prince released the Sands of Time, then used the time-travelling the Sands gave him to put them back. Regardless, he's now chased by an unspeakable monster which will kill him. Why? Because the Prince should have died, but didn't when he used the time travel. Whatever.

Along the way he meets a fine pair of buttocks attached to a woman who says "The Empress underestimated you", whatever that means. She scars your face in a battle, and then just as you're about to take her out she knocks you silly and you wake up on a beach. The beach is on the island where the Empress lives, of course, and presumably you're going to battle your way to her.

  • This is the buggiest game I've seen in years. There are visual bugs, audio bugs, movement bugs, and even bugs that kill you when you fall through a part of the ground which is supposed to be solid.
  • Audio bugs are distracting, cause spoken lines to be out of sync with in-game animations.
  • Choppy movement makes battles far more random than I find acceptable. This is as bad as Fight for Life on the Jaguar!
  • The first game was brilliant because the movement was so fluid. This game is nothing like that.
  • Texture quality is very poor. Blurry g-string texture on smeared buttocks...not attractive.
  • Despite being widescreen (like all PSP games), the view feels cramped.
  • First save point is after first little boss battle. First little boss battle isn't so easy, so lots of replaying there. Not fun, esp. since losing the boss battle pushes you two scenes back from boss battle!
  • Have not yet been able to use time features. Feh!
  • Didn't seem to be able to use the wall-walking in opening scenes. Double feh!
I'll keep going to see where the story goes.

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Maharet said...

geez! i was going to buy this game used the other day. i never actually heard about any of those things, though i dont know too many people that owned it. maybe i'll give it a go eitherway one day.