Sunday, March 05, 2006

Resident Evil 4 - Foetid water

Tonight got past the village. Still learning how to shoot enemies in the head effectively. Does not seem deterministic enough, right now.

Lots and lots of foetid water sitting around. Either these crazed villagers have been this way for a long time, or the stinky water has something to do with why they're crazy.

Met a man with a chainsaw. His chainsaw met my neck. Nice.

Worst place to hide bullets: on top of a chimney.

In the next section, I hate that the one dude appears to have an infinite supply of hatchets stored between his buttocks. If I can't have infinite bullets, he shouldn't have infinite hatchets.

I'm going to have to let go of my Metal Gear Solid inclinations and forget about whether I'll have used 5 or 10 continues by the end of the game. I'd like to know if they matter in any substantive way to the way my game is assessed, but I'm learning quickly that I don't care. I'd rather just finish the game.

I wish I'd found the building with the stairway and the window first, so I could see if I could pick off villagers from the rooftop, in relative safety.

That's all the random thoughts for now.


Christophe said...

"Relative safety" is a good choice of phrase for that option, as entering that house while there are still villagers around brings lovely Mr Chainsaw into play a little bit earlier, and ends, for me at least, in unholy death.

Maharet said...

ooh i like it. lol i'm linking to your site and waiting for the next entry. :)

JohnH said...

christophe, if you don't go in the house during the fight then the chainsaw guy never shows up.

maharet, hm, I once knew someone online who used that title.... were you ever in Dreamscape?

Maharet said...

no,... sadly i'm not even sure what that is. is that a game or a console? lol k, i got the name long, long ago from Anne Rice's Books. Maharet was in her witch chronicles and also made a very famous jump into her vampire chronicles. fell in love with the charecter and i've used it ever since. :) OH, it is my gamertag on Xbox Live though.

TrueTallus said...

Continues have no effect on your performance. There isn't a graded system like previous REs. Die away!

jvm said...

Thanks, TrueTallus. I'll die like there's no tomorrow!