Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Valhingen Graveyard Cont'd

Got some good experience to improve my characters while playing around the graveyard.

First, there was an army of skeletons just east and a little south of the entrance. Beating and finding the hidden treasure nets like 5000xp.

Second, if you head due south from entrance of graveyard and enter the first building you encounter, you can wax a spectre worth about 2000xp. The treasure this time is only money and gems.

Before entering I used Protection from Evil on my front line characters. I had my cleric pray and the mage used a wand of magic missiles from the back line. The first round of combat is solely yours if you choose combat immediately upon seeing the spectre, so take it. If you're lucky, the second round will have you going first and you can get in enough hits to finish him off.

Leveling up my cleric and magic user before going back.

Tried Restoration spells I found on scrolls somewhere. Important notes:
  • You can read the spells but not scribe them, since they're 7th level and this game doesn't allow clerics to learn spells that high.
  • If you're drained two levels, then you must use two Restoration spells.
  • If you're drained and restored, your xp is reset to the minimum for that level.
  • So a 5th level fighter with 22000xp who is drained down to 3rd level and then restored to 5th will have only 18001xp after the restoration.
Not worth it.

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