Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Valhingen Graveyard

Started on the Valhingen Graveyard quest. The city gave me a special weapon, Two-Handed Sword +1 (+2 vs. Undead) that I've given to one of my fighters, which seems fairly effective, although I've only encountered skeletons so far.

Turning undead with Cleric seems not as powerful as I'd hoped. Manual say that a 4th level, such as I have, should have a chance of turning something as powerful as a mummy. However, against a group of about 18 skeletons I've only managed to turn 4-6, which makes me think that I'm not getting the full use of my cleric.

Combat was slow and took a toll on my party. I may have to continue doing small excursions until my Cleric is 5th level at 27500xp, which is over 7000xp away at this point.

Meanwhile, there are three other quests I could be doing: band of nomads, army of kobolds, and find the source of the river's pollution. It may be that the pollution is coming from upstream where the pyramid is on the big map, but I don't know.

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