Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Thieves Area

After clearing Sokal Keep, used main port exit to take boat to North Bay. From there, was offered opportunity to go in North Entrance to city of Phlan.

This put me in an area with a large central building and a walkway around it. Found a way in, and it appears to be filled with thieves. This may have been one of the quests I got and didn't write down.

Anyway, found two thieves and followed them. They split up and I followed one into a pack of thieves. Easy to win the battle, especially with magic user's Sleep and Stinking Cloud spells. Then I search around a bit and got references to other journal entries:

Journal Entry 38 - facts and rumors about Van/Von Urslingen
Jounral Entry 51 - facts and rumors about Bishop Braccio

I also found a map:

Journal Entry 41 - map named "NW Castle"

While searching I found a room with something written on the floor, it mentioned a Journal Entry, but then it flickered off the screen and I don't know what it was. Since I hadn't saved, I decided to shut down and play this area again later.

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