Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Sokal Keep

Last night I dealt with Sokal Keep. Talked to ghost who told me about weapons cache through invisible door in north wall of armory. Found Mace +2, which is useful for Cleric.

Also found enchanted Hammer +1 in blacksmith area.

Killed poison frogs and scorpions elsewhere.

Found corpse in area outside Keep in a corner. Found three words:
  1. SHESTNI - password to give to undead on way in
  2. LUX - password to give to ghost inside main keep
  3. SAMOSUD - password to give to undead on way out, after talking to ghost
After all this, returned to Phlan and got money. Keep was supposedly taken over by Phlan forces, but haven't returned.

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whitshade said...

I had this game for my Commodore 64 and have played it since on Linux via DosBox and DosEmu. Never thought to use these passwords though. I guess I never understood their purpose (a little slow on the uptake there). I've always just fought the undead. The only spectre that you have to fight and destroy is the one in the temple. Then you find its (his?) journal (the journal of the head cleric) in which he explains how the undead came to be at the keep. Thanks for sharing this.