Sunday, September 05, 2010

Braid: Done

Well, the ending disappoints. But did it have any other choice?

I should say the epilogue disappoints. The twist in the final level was exceptional. A great game overall. I just feel the build up was largely wasted, and, if, the wikipedia is accurate, Blow admits as much: "[Blow] said that the central idea is "something big and subtle and resists being looked at directly."" Well, you win, Mr. Blow. Though the interp that you're a buddy of Hideo Kojima (and are reusing the lesson from MGS) seems to work. Why is it that creative game programmers gravitate towards an anti-nuclear tack? Is it that both were, in some ways, enabled by computers? (Is that accurate?)

Anyhow, done. Enjoyable. Addictive. About the right length. Very creative. Somewhat disappointing ending.

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