Sunday, July 06, 2008

MGS4: Finished

Final score:


ruffin said...

Pigeon rocks.

What's a Drebin point?
What's a flashback, and how many could you have seen?

Two continues? Really? What happened? Snake? SNAKE?!!?!!!


jvm said...

Drebin points are the MGS4 equivalent of "Save or Shop?" (a la Dino Crisis 2). Basically you can buy weapons or ammo at any time. You get points for various actions in the game, as you can see from this readout. (E.g. you get points at the end of each act of the game, so you can spend them in the next one.)

During cut scenes you will occasionally see a (X) button icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you pump the (X) button on the controller during that time, you'll see the screen flash with scenes from previous MGS games. No idea how many there were.

Two continues...ugh. One was in the first act and I didn't realize it until I'd finished and didn't want to go back. (You cannot check any of these stats mid-act. You have to see them only at the conclusion of an act.) On the final battle, I could not stand it any longer and burned one more. I figured I'd already blown my shot at getting zero, so why not...