Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Asus XG Station Approaches Availability - Tom's Hardware

This, from January 13th of this year:

Announced around a year ago, Asus' external graphics enclosure is nearly production ready, according to company sources.

The XG Station houses a single or double-slot PCI-Express x16 graphics card, using a notebook's Express Card interface to provide x1 bandwidth. This allows an included (unspecified model) mainstream graphics card to exceed Intel's 965GM performance by over 6.7 times, according to Asus.

Crimminy, release it already. I'm not to the point that I need it; I doubt I will for some time with my tower sitting at home with the same slot. But man, this is a cool piece of hardware. If you game with a laptop, this would extend its gaming life by a year or three, albeit in a somewhat clunky fashion [as you need an external monitor]. Still, sounds great for home gaming, and if you got a socketed processor on the motherboard, would nearly eliminate my need desire for a tower.

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