Friday, March 07, 2008

God of War: Chains of Olympus Update #1

I just finished off the Basilisk, first real boss of the game. So far, so good. The controls do get very natural, and even dodging isn't horrible although it does require a slightly higher level of concentration than it did on the PS2.

This game should have been distributed on the PlayStation Store. The win for Sony would be (a) big name game on the store and (b) sell more memory stick hardware. Seriously, that would have been a huge hit.

Graphics are beautiful. There is a bit of glitchiness when you sleep the PSP, mostly in the sound, but that's mostly understandable.

Going to play this on the HDTV in a bit with the PSP-2000 component cable. Hoping to see how well it looks on the "big" screen.

PS3 God of War can't get here soon enough.

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