Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UDF #4

My basic complaints so far:

1. "Waves" of bad guys. Lame. Given how organic the environment of the game feels, there needs to be a less obvious way of introducing bad guys.

2. The movement when jumping/climbing a la Tomb Raider needs to be just a hair more smooth. They've got some decent environments to work in, that don't look entirely contrived with ledges and whatnot, but there needs to be a little smoothing out of the diagonal jumps.

3. Don't be afraid to let people explore some dead ends or provide more than one path through the environment. Vines are all over this jungle, but only a few are climbable. Let the others be climbable, but lead nowhere. Or let them lead to other parts of the environment but be essentially useless. Something.

Finally caught up with Elena, the female sidekick. The game is much more interesting with her around. And I have a nemesis in the game now too. That's also helpful.

There is also a Smith & Wesson that is awesome. Single shot kills like in Resident Evil.

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