Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Update 7

  • This was much better than St. Francis Folly, I believe.
  • I did not think much of the combat, however. I should have played that a bit smarter.
  • Key problem I'm having in combat: I keep using the D-pad instead of the left analog stick during the scripted moments. Yuck.
  • The puzzles weren't terribly devious and the contrived room structure from the original is gone completely. What remains is believable and interesting.
  • I got some new guns here, sneakily hidden in a little niche. Always enjoyable when the careful snooping I do pays off.
  • The level is huge feeling, being mostly a shell with lots of interesting points on the inside surface of the shell. It's memorable because it's so open and visible, tempting you with ledges and nooks you can see, but not access immediately.
Now on to Palace Midas, which will have to happen a few days from now.

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