Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Update 6

St. Francis Folly
  • I made my way to the third room in this level. Required figuring out how to push some boxes embedded in the room's wall, which ended up being a reasonably nice mini-puzzle.
  • Damocles Room - Swords everywhere. As with the original, you trip the puzzle by taking the item you came for, and then have to work your way out.
  • Much harder than the original -- lots of different elements come together here: dodging swords, pulling levers, dodging sword blades up out of the floor, climbing poles, and apparently swinging from your grapple cord.
  • I'll admit I'm stuck right now. I've gotten across to a place where I can use the grapple, but I don't see what that gets me. I've tried a few crazy things, but nothing is moving me forward.
  • I'll look at this again tomorrow.
According to the manual, you have to set the game difficulty at the beginning. It gives no indication what changes with difficulty levels. Nice job, guys.

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ilham said...

did you have any update about TRA
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