Friday, June 08, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Update 3

Lost Valley:
  • T-Rex did not come least on this level.
  • Found one secret, pretty well hidden.
  • The exit to this level was pretty tricky. Slide to a slide to a swinging bar. I don't think that kind of sophistication was required until the much later levels in the original.
  • Was thinking about scripting. Pretty annoyed that the "Lara must grab because she's slipping!" events often seem to happen in the same place. Maybe it's just my luck.
  • The end to this level was pretty weak. Why did I knock that little ladder down to give me a swing bar near the entrance to the dino cave? It doesn't help me unless I am backtracking somehow?
  • The lost valley itself seemed to have fewer places to find secrets, but then I didn't find them all. The original seemed more intricate, probably because it had more places you didn't have to go.
  • Running along the ledges at the top of the level brought back some of that unnecessarily vertiginous feeling of the original. That's good and gives me hope for the later levels where you have to climb large vertical chambers.
Tomb of Qualopec:
  • The boulder in the trap at the beginning disappears. They stayed around in the original. Seems weak...boulders disappear just like corpses?
  • Looks like I have my pick of which puzzle to do to start with.
  • Far too many arrow traps and poles to stand on. The pole standing is just dumb.
  • The swinging blades are back! That bodes well for slick trap arrangements later on.
  • I did a pretty long sequence of movements without error -- perhaps I'm acclimating to the controls.
  • I actually hit L1 to try to rewind time, as if I were playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Sure would like to have that feature here, even though it doesn't make sense.
  • The raptor out of nowhere scared the crap out of me, but I should have remembered they were on this level too.
  • The one puzzle I did solve here was pretty different from any puzzle in the original. Good job, although very easy.
  • I just realized that the pushable platforms used in the main room are similar to the sliding pillars in the original game which were activated by switches. Now Lara pushes them instead of having them move by magic. I can agree with that change.
  • Will finish this level tomorrow.
There is one part where Lara pretty needlessly has to crawl through an opening and you look at her well-rounded butt. Gratuitous?

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