Sunday, March 25, 2007

WoW: Playing like a girl

WOW Insider recently blogged a study titled, "New Daedalus data: girls heal and play elves, kids play Horde."

Dang it. I apparently play WoW like a girl.

(Okay, no, not exactly. When I heal, I do it because that's how druids get into groups most easily -- and even then I'd prefer to Panzerkin/off-tank than keep everyone's health up. And I've also heard that people tend to either make their avatars look as much like their "real world" appearance as possible or create a complete fantasy, and there are only so many tall, relatively skinny, random facial-hair having races to choose from.

Still, interesting to see that I have to defend my fairly undeliberative initial choices instead of realizing that I'd picked a normalized gender & age role race/class combo.)

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