Thursday, December 14, 2006

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

After 12 hours of gameplay:

I have completed my first boss fight, Python. It was the first time I felt constrained by the inability to carry more items. I needed to be able to carry the Mk22 along with Rations, TNT (which the games makes you keep), and I thought Thermal Goggles and maybe Med Kits. I did not carry Med Kits because I thought that I would need the goggles. I now believe the goggles are a waste of time. The good news is that Python is predictable and can be defeated with patience and perseverance. Once defeated, Python joined Snake's band of merry men and women.

Also, I have become a believer in the CQC techniques. I dabbled with these very little in MGS3, but have become hooked on them in this game. There is something gratifying about sneaking up behind an enemy to choke (to knockout), hold-up, or interrogate him or her. While the silenced Mk22 is still the quickest and easiest way to take out an enemy, your team members do not have the Mk22 and so it is nice to have other options.

I have confirmed that Snake and his team members do not improve their skills. However, stamina and life improve as the team's Med Unit level increases.

Other notes:
  • Still no insight into why Big Boss is here other than the fact that he had to be for the game to take place.
  • One team member can capture at least four enemies at once. Just drag them all to the box containing the member who will capture them and off they go.
  • Roy Campbell is worthless. He sits back and plays the role of the coach up in the booth, while all of the team members are down on the field. This is not like the other MGS games where it is a one-man mission. If I have a team of people, why can't Roy be one of them? It would be nice to get to use him in a mission or two.
  • The Tech Unit continues to develop more toys for Big Boss, unfortunately they don't know when to stop. I now have thermal goggles (10 pairs), mine detectors (10), night-vision goggles (6), Spetnaz knives (3), and probably 8 of the next item. The good news is that at some point, stealth camoflauge (8 suits hopefully) is a possibility.

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