Friday, September 15, 2006

WoW: Confirmed Addict

All it takes is a silly map and a talent and spell preview that doesn't even include my character's class yet, and I'm dying to plunk down $12 a month to get my 56 up to level 60 before the addition is released. (For some reason, I've never felt compelled to play up an alt to some insane level. I'm an addict, but apparently can't handle my WoW as well as some others, which is to say I'm a lightweight, in drinking terms.)

I'm still trying to fend off my desire to play (no thanks to Matt, would-be enabler) until I "have time," whatever that means, but I am, I believe, at best "in recovery" (again, in drinking terms) when it comes to WoW. Why I want to play glorified Ultima Online where I can't even sell my items for real money, I have no idea. "Cut wood. Make bows. Sell bows. Buy gear. Get pkilled. Repeat." Better than smoking crack, I guess, though the statement plays both ways.

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