Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus - 9

Before I forget: after Colossus 8 there is a short video showing the girl I'm trying to bring back to life sitting up as if she's alive again. This is probably a dream. The video format is odd: it looks like an old movie or TV tape with skips and scratches.

Colossus 9 is the only one that's killed me three times. How are you supposed to dodge his lasers? Figuring out the trick wasn't hard, as soon as I ran away for a bit and noticed the "special" features of the land. This is one of the few times I've used the light from the sword to find the weak points.

Once you put all the pieces together for this guy, it's awfully logical.


Anonymous said...

You were supposed to stay on the horse, if you're on the horse he runs fast enough so that the lasers can't touch you, then once you lure the colossus on top of the geysers you can stay on the horse to shoot the arrows at his feet, then just jump off to climb on the colossus when it topples over.

Dan-o said...

This was one of the hardest Colossi for me (not including the final one, of course). I think because unlike the rest, he's pretty aggressive and can kill you relatively easily.