Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus - 12 & 13

Colossus 12 is not obvious, nor is it really very fun. I'd have cut this one. I used the back of the colossus to climb up, but he's a rather swift joker at times, so it took a while to actually snag his back this way. Any other ways?

Colossus 13, on the other hand, was totally obvious and extremely fun.

Let me put it this way: if you've read Dune by Frank Herbert and, like me, dreamed of what it must be like to ride a sandworm, then this is better. It's like catching and riding a flying sandworm. It's just that cool.

After Colossus 12 there is a short cut scene. Six riders on horses appear to be coming toward the shrine, but are still a little bit away. Five horses are black and one is white. A close-up of the guy on the white horse shows he's wearing a mask (reminds me of the masks on the little guys in Princess Mononoke) and says that it isn't far to go.


Dan-o said...

Number 13 is one of my favorites. The moment you're riding along side, trying to jump on his dragging wing is fantastic. What's remarkable to me is the way the controls make this complex manuever surprisingly easy.

Dan-o said...

There might be a way to grab onto the front of #12 (leg or jaw?) but I could never do it, so I went for the back as well.

This reminds me -- there are actually weird (and possibly unintentional) alternate ways to beat some of the colossi. There's some amazing videos on the web -- for example, you can beat the "Knight" #3 without having to deal with his "bracelet" at all. Just position yourself at the tip of the sword, and time your jump, and you can be flung into the air and land on his head.

I wouldn't watch any of these videos until after you've finished the game, however. The whole fun factor for me was figuring out how to beat each colossi.

jvm said...

I didn't know about alternative ways to take them out. That's something I'll check out when I'm done. Thanks.

Natalie said...

Hey, stumbled across your blog. Actually, I was able to hop onto #12's jaw by luring him close enough and climbing on the ledge of the column things and then jumping right onto his face.

It's definitely not the easiest way to get to the top of him, but it's much faster than trying to climb his back and then having him walk away from the "higher ground." It gets rather annoying.

Is there a way to maniupulate him at all while you're on top of him? Cause everytime I jump on him, he walks away and it's too far for me to jump.

Let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

can some one email me the directions to get to #12 i cant seem to find it please thanks