Monday, March 13, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus

I just completed my first game.


•Like Ico, I wish I could find storytelling this good in more games and other media. At the beginning, I felt cold and detached from the main character, especially after killing an innocent colossus. By the end, I was nearly convinced of the merit of my character's goal.

•Time Attack Mode: This option appears at the conclusion of the first game. I did not know about this, so I look forward to trying it out before passing this game on to my brother later this week.

•The horseback riding component of this game was great fun and I anticipate playing SotC just to ride the horse.

Finally, I needed a FAQ on two colossi. While trying to take down each of them, I needed to get to a certain place. Unfortunately for me, how to get to each place was not as intuitive as I expected.

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jvm said...

You're giving me this to play? Sweet.