Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus - 3 & 4

Two more colossi down. Observations:
  • White birds same number as defeated colossi.
  • Black cords emanating from defeated colossi reminiscent of phantoms from Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within. Is that a Japanese thing?
  • Appears that I absorb the black from the colossus and take it back to the temple. Then it becomes one of the black figures standing near me when I awaken.
  • Found lizards for the first time. Shot one with an arrow, tail came off. Couldn't figure out how to catch it, but that's ok, since I'd rather not kill it now.
  • Colossus 3 was easy to defeat once I noticed the main feature on the plain around me.
  • Colossus 4 required me to think of the colossus as if it were thinking about how to find me. Also, think like an ant and treat it as the anteater.
  • A little disappointed that it's not more than "find path to top, hack, hack, hack, get new colossus".
  • Music is enjoyable.
  • Sense of scale is breathtaking on Colossus 3. Brilliant.
That's all.

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