Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Valhingen Graveyard Cont'd

I finished Valhingen Graveyard just now. Not too difficult if you prepare for battles sufficiently.

  • Have a magic user with magic missiles ready to go. Hammering the vampire down, at a distance, taking 8-11hp at a time will pay off in two rounds, and certainly in three if you have to go that far.
  • In the first battle you can use a lightning bolt to hit him twice, using a bounce. That'll wound him fairly seriously.
  • In the second battle, you can also use the lightning bolt, but the bounce isn't available because of the shape of the room. On the other hand, he will be backed by several wolves, so the lightning bolt will likely take several of them out at once.
  • The fireball from the magic user is also very important here, as it can damage or kill several wolves all at once.
  • I used my cleric to cast Protection from Evil and Prayer spells to improve my odds.
  • My lower-level cleric (the one I'm training) was able to keep other characters healed with Cure Light Wounds.
  • Once the vampire did manage to charm one of my characters, but casting Hold Person and Dispel Magic was enough to bring him back. I do not know if it removed magic from his items, because I subsequently had to quit and reload.
You have to fight the vampire twice. The first time in the north-east building, which you access through a secret door. (The evil NPC magic user tells you to look in the NE corner.) The second time, you fight in the cross-shaped crypt.

I was disappointed that I never got to interact with the coffin or use the holy water. I could have tried something with the coffin before the first vampire battle, but I didn't do it. After the second battle, there isn't anything there. Regardless, killing the vampire the second time seemed to finish this quest. Total was over 20,000xp.

About the xp, I should say that you won't get much for the vampire himself, but you get tons for going back and collecting the commission. My party of 6 got about 9000xp each for this quest. Not a bad haul.

My human cleric is up to 5th level and nearing 6th level.

Three quests listed are: kobolds, nomads, and river pollution. Not sure which I'll get to first.

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