Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pool of Radiance - Cleric Bug?

I have a cleric who's at 31900xp right now, but he says he's just 5th level. The problem is that the manual says he should be 6th level when he hits 27500xp, and when I try to train him the game says I don't have enough experience.

It's not a money problem, as I've clearly got more than enough money on each character to handle training, and the game specifically says "not enough experience" in response to a training request.

This is very, very frustrating, since I'm trying to clear Valhingen Graveyard, and the stronger my cleric, the safer I am. Moreover, I cannot find any tables online that show me whether the manual is wrong about the required experience for a level 6 cleric.


Anonymous said...

I've had the same problem. I've got a fighter/cleric that I played to the end, and moved onto Curse of the Zzure Bonds. He's got 95K experience in both, but he hasn't been able to train past level 5 cleric and level 6 fighter, which he should well be past. I get the "not enough experience" thing too. I'm going to be disappointed if all this work was for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I just ran into this with a half-elf level 6/6 fighter/magic-user. (Mage capped at level 6, but manual cays can reach fighter 8) He has 70.7K experience, but got the "not enough experience" message when I tried to train to fighter 7. It turns out SSI was very specific when they implemented the AD&D 1st Edition rules. In the Players Handbook on p. 14, in the class level limitations table, half-elves of strength < 17 are limited to fighter 6, strength 17 limited to fighter 7, and I assume strength 18 are free to advance to the racial cap of fighter 8. I swapped a pair of gauntlets of ogre strength to this char, and VOILA! I could train to fighter 7. Unfortunately, half-elf clerics are limited to cleric 5.